Latest Board Meeting Approved Minutes are now Posted.

The approved minutes of the May 1, 2012 Board of Trustees meeting are now posted here.
Minutes of previous meetings are posted here.

Semi-annual Cook & Flush set for next week.

Beginning on Monday, July 9, we will be elevating our domestic hot water temperature 15 to 20 degrees for one week in order to kill ever present bacteria in our hot water pipes. Owners and residents are encouraged to flush all water outlets and faucets for 5 to ten minutes in order to further kill the bacteria in branch lines within each Unit.

Please take precautions for the high water temperatures to avoid scalding.

Residential Trustees Approve Rule Change for Deliveries

The Residential Trustees have unanimously approve the following addition to our Rules regarding deliveries:


1. For deliveries of large items requiring use of the elevator, arrangements are to be made with the Security Office at least a day prior to the delivery, if possible. Residents must either be present or provide written authorization for Security to allow the delivery to be made.

Board Approves Change to Leasing Rules

At the Board of Trustees Meeting held on May 1, 2012 the Board approved the following Rule change to be a part of the Rules and Regulations as well as the American Towers standard form Lease Agreement:

Rooftop Assessment Increase Goes Into Effect July 1, 2012. Lump Sum Payment Option Also Available, Due by June 15.

Click here to download and print a pdf copy of the following Board letter and the assessment table.

May 4, 2012

Dear Fellow American Towers Owner:

Approved 2012/2013 Fiscal Year Operating Budget is Now Posted.

The Board of Trustees has approved the Operating Budget for the 2012/2013 Fiscal Year. A pdf copy of the Budget for you to download and print can by found by clicking here.

Although an increase in the Reserve Fund monthly assessment was also approved, there is no change in the overall Operating Budget or in the monthly Operating assessment.

Latest Board Meeting Approved Minutes are now Posted.

The minutes of the approved January 24, 2012 Board of Trustees meeting are now posted here.

Minutes of previous meetings are available here.

The Next Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. in the Community Room.

The Next Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. in the Community Room.

The north and south roof plaza deck roofing project and hot tub rebuild will be discussed and approved together with approval of the loan and assessment for the project.

The Hot Tubs will be Rebuilt and will Remain in the Rooftop Recreation Areas.

The vote to remove the hot tubs from the rooftop recreation area as part of our re-roofing project fell far short of the 60% of Residential Owners necessary. Only 38.3% of Residential Owners provided the necessary written consent to remove them.

However, the City has agreed to curtail some of its requirements to issue a permit thereby reducing our roofing costs by $295,000.

Hot tub vote information.

Your Board of Trustees wishes to thank everyone who participated and provided input in Tuesday's open meeting.

With your input, the Trustees have subsequently decided that the original procedure, to require 60% written consent of all Residential Owners, is still the appropriate means to remove an important amenity such as the roof-top hot tubs.

As a reminder, if you so choose, please sign and send to the management office the consent form you recently received.

Change to Tenant Move-in Rules

On March 20, 2012, the Residential Trustees unanimously approved in writing, the following Rule change regarding new leases and move-in fees to read as follows:

H. 2. b. A copy of a signed latest version American Towers approved lease agreement with a term of not less than six months together with the move-in fee shall be filed with the management office a minimum of 48 hours before the anticipated move-in date.

Open Owners Meeting re: Roof Assessment and hot tubs, March 20, 2012 - 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room

There will be an open meeting for all owners to review and discuss and review a proposed increase in monthly condo fees and the proposal and consent letter to remove the rooftop hot tubs.

South Roof is now closed until further notice for Repairs and the Re-roofing project.

The South Roof is now closed for use until further notice due to immediate repairs for leaks and to prepare for the re-roofing project which will take several months.

Fire Alarm system testing this week between Feb. 1 to Feb. 3

This week we will be testing and verifying our fire alarm system, alarms and smoke detectors.
Please disregard alarms that will be pre-announced over the speaker system.


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