We have two excellent candidates running for the Board.

Steve Campbell who has been serving on the Board for three years now has decided to run for re-election. Aria Nejad, a law student at the University of Utah, has decided to challenge Steve for his seat on the Board. Your ballot, together with the candidate information and answers to the Owner submitted questions has been sent to you in the mail. Please mark, sign and return your ballot as soon as possible in the return envelope enclosed with the Ballot. The Candidate information is also posted below for your convenience and review.

$100 Reward Offered for Information

Unbelievably, one of our fellow residents in the South Tower continues to throw live cigarette butts out of his window onto the new 2nd floor roofing membrane below and has caused additional damage.

The Association is offering a $100 reward to any person who observes, or helps identify, this narcissistic self absorbed person and reports him to the Association.

Cigarette Damage to New Roof Membrane.

Unfortunately, we have sustained damage in the form of cigarette burn holes in the new roof membrane on the second floor. Apparently some negligent resident has been tossing burning cigarette butts out their window onto the roof below. Please DO NOT do this. If you see any owner or resident do this, please notify Security or the management office so that we can hold those individuals financially responsible for the damages we have incurred.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Approved 2011/2012 Fiscal Year Operating Budget is Now Posted.

The Board of Trustees has approved the Operating Budget for the 2011/2012 Fiscal Year. A pdf copy of the Budget for you to download and print can by found by clicking here.

Owners Seeking a Knowledgeable Insurance Agent for Your Own Insurance Click Here.

Please feel free to contact Heather Hart - Personal Lines Sales Executive - (801) 715-7121 or toll free (800) 594-8949.

Heather has been thoroughly vetted as being knowledgeable about the new condo insurance law and was kind enough to spend her evening attending our Owners Meeting to answer questions. She can provide you with an appropriate insurance plan for your Unit and your other related condominium insurance needs.

If you choose to not go through Heather, please be sure to have your own insurance agent include a rider for sewer backup and other escaped liquids.

Latest Board Meeting Minutes now posted.

The minutes of the May 4, 2011 Board of Trustees meeting are now posted here.

Minutes of previous meetings are available here.

New Condo Insurance Law Goes Into Effect July 1, 2011. Read the Following Notice and Get Your Insurance Up-To-Date.

Dear American Towers Owners:

This letter is to provide you with legal notice of some recent changes the Utah Legislature made to the Utah Condominium Act regarding the Association’s property insurance obligations and your own condo property insurance for your Unit.

Water Supply Lines Notice

As you may have heard, recently we have experienced two serious floods caused by the failure of some of the flexible water supply tubes underneath our kitchen and lavatory sinks. In investigating these failures, we discovered that the supply lines have a life expectancy of ten years and, given our experience, are subject to failure as they age. Fortunately, we have learned that far more durable supply lines are available. They are made of corrugated flexible stainless steel that should not deteriorate over time.

Respect for Drains and The Hazards of Kitchen Disposals

This letter is a reminder of some critically important practices that residents need to follow in order to avoid costly damages to your condo and those of your neighbors. Several years ago, as a result of the negligence or misconduct on the part of one resident at American Towers, we had an incident where our sewer lines became blocked and sewage backed up, overflowed, and severely affected seven condo's resulting in damages in excess of $40,000 dollars.

Legionella Bacteria and "Cook & Flush" Procedures to Control it.

As many of you know, American Towers has had, for many years, an infection of Legionella bacteria in our domestic hot water system. From all indications we received this from our city water supply and it is a fairly common in large scale high rise facilities. From the beginning, we have followed the recommendations of the County Health Dept. with regular testing and periodic “cook and flush” procedures in an effort to keep our bacteria under control and well below the recommended OSHA threshold. Our efforts have been successful for the past several years. Our most recent Health Dept.

New Lease Form Mandatory for all Rentals

The Board of Trustees recently had our attorney review and revise our Lease Agreement form. The Board subsequently made its use mandatory for all rentals. Click here to download and print the latest version. Additionally, free copies of the latest version are available in the Management Office.

New Blog Format for President's Messages

Due to the infrequent nature of our newsletters, and the fact that we now have this technology to post important information in relative real time, we are going to experiment with this "blog" method of attempting to keep you informed of HOA matters. Please be aware that links to all previous President's Messages are still available at the bottom of this blog. We're going to give it a try and see how this works.


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