Update letter of December 4, 2016

Dear Fellow Owners:

Board/Owner Meeting

There will be an open Board Meeting on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 7:00 pm in the Community Room. The Board anticipates approving a new Rule to enforce the prohibition on short-term or transient rentals contained in section 5.03 of our CC&R's. Some Owners have recently been doing overnight rentals through an online service called Airbnb.

Any Owner violating the strict prohibition on transient or hotel type leasing as written in Article 5, Section 3 of the CC&R's by renting all or a part of the Unit on a daily, nightly or weekly basis, or by listing the Unit for daily, nightly or weekly rental through online rental services such as Airbnb, shall be fined $500 for the prohibited rental listing, and fined an additional $500 for each prohibited rental. 

Fiber Optic Internet

The Board has signed a seven year contract with First Digital to install and provide, initially, internet service at a guaranteed speed of 1 gigabit per second at a cost per Unit of $38 plus taxes and fees. There will be a one year transition period for Owners to switch over to the new service. During the transition, each Unit Owner that subscribes will be charged $38 plus taxes and fees per month as a separate line item on their monthly condo fee statement. At the end of the first year, the agreement will become a bulk agreement and all Units will be provided with the service, again, at the above charge per Unit billed separately on your monthly condo fee statement. We anticipate construction and installation will begin shortly and that the service will be available early next year.

Comcast TV

As described above, the Board of Trustees has decided to make internet service available to Owners at higher speeds and lower costs than that which is available through Comcast. We anticipate that most Owners will make the change when it becomes available. First Digital also provides its own low cost basic TV service comparable to that of Comcast that would be available on an individual subscription basis. The Board is also considering adding a Direct TV service that would be available through the First Digital network , again, by individual subscription. In this regard, the Board is presently considering extending the Comcast TV contract on a short-term probationary basis, meaning, Comcast will have approximately one year to ensure that all Owners are receiving exactly the services they subscribe to together with competitive prices. In other words, they will have to compete in service and in price or lose the Association as a customer. Please bear in mind that if we terminate the Comcast contract, Comcast will still always be available to all Owners individually at Comcast's regular retail rates.

New Building Exterior Sign

The recently completed redecorating project included an allowance for a new entryway canopy or marquee on Third South. This never materialized for lack of a design that met with general approval. The Board has been developing some new concepts including new larger signage for the front of the building. You will hear more about this with conceptual drawings and renderings shortly.

Removal of Exterior Window Haze

Our window washers have come up with a compound that will remove the haze film that occurs on the lower six inches of most windows. Removal is expensive and labor intensive. It can only be done on a per Unit basis, upon request, and at the expense of the Unit Owner. If you are interested, please contact the management office for cost details and contact information.

Real Xmas Trees

Because of the extreme fire hazards of live Christmas trees together with the disposal costs, difficult clean up of pine needles and tree sap in the Common Areas, the Board of Trustees strongly discourages the use of live Christmas trees in your Unit. Please make the worthwhile investment in one of the beautiful artificial Christmas trees currently on the market.

The Board of Trustees wishes all the very Best of Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays to all. They also wish to remind all Residents to please show our staff our appreciation by making a contribution to the Holiday Gratuity Fund that is distributed to the entire staff, partially before Thanksgiving and in full before Christmas. Thank you all again for your support.


Board of Trustees