Proposed Rules Changes for Owner Review and Comment

June 5, 2017

Dear Fellow Owners:

From time to time it behooves us to update existing rules or to draft new ones in order to move forward and to protect our Association.

Following are updated Rules and new Rules to help accomplish these goals. We are posting them below and on our website for your review and input. If you wish to comment on them or to inquire about them, fell free to contact the Board of Trustees at


Sandra Lee Sterns
President, American Towers Owners Association

Regular text below is the existing language and text in Bold is the added language.

5. a. A Key or lock combination to each unit must be provided to Management. This key can only be used to comply with Section 8.02 of the Declaration. If the owner fails or refuses to make a key available, such owner shall be liable for all expenses incurred by the Association in order to gain access and for any damages resulting to the common areas or to any unit as a result of owners failure to make the key available.

b. Failure to provide appropriate keys or lock combinations to Management shall result in a fine of $100 per month until provided.

c. Refusal to allow entry of contractors and/or American Towers employees for installation of contracted services i.e. infrastructure such as parts, wires, fiber optic cable, Wifi, internet, cable television, wireless telephone and other technology shall result in a fine of $100 per month. Postings of intent to schedule installations is considered to be a warning notice.