Important Notices

Rooftop Assessment Increase Goes Into Effect July 1, 2012. Lump Sum Payment Option Also Available.

May 4, 2012

Dear Fellow American Towers Owner:

Our rooftop plaza deck re-roofing project has finally begun. At the last Board meeting on May 1, 2012, your Board of Trustees approved the contract to replace the roofing membrane, restore the plaza deck surface and to rebuild and re-install our rooftop hot tubs. We also approved the bank loan as well as a monthly condo fee increase to pay off the bank loan. The meeting was well attended and we thank you for your participation, involvement and input.

Your Board also approved an important option for the monthly condo fee increase. Owners may avoid the interest costs the bank is charging on the loan by prepaying a lump sum amount by June 15. This amount is your percentage share of the total cost of the assessment. By prepaying this predetermined lump sum amount, Owners can avoid the increase in the monthly condo fees as well as realize significant savings in interest costs. Your Board encourages Owners to prepay the lump sum pay off by June 15 as this will directly reduce dollar for dollar the amount the Association will need to borrow in order to complete the project.

The enclosed table summarizes the assessment and identifies your lump sum payment amount to pay in order to keep your monthly condo fees from increasing. The table also identifies the amount your monthly condo fees will increase if you choose not to pay the one time lump sum payment amount. If you do not pay the lump sum amount by June 15, the increased monthly condo fees will appear on you July 1 statement.

The monthly increase in the condo fees was approved to begin on July 1, 2012 and will remain in place for seven years which is the term of the bank loan we have received. Owners who elect to pay the monthly increase are reminded that they may pay off the remaining amortized balance at any time during the payoff term. These proceeds will then be paid directly to the bank to reduce the amount of our loan.

We anticipate our contractor, who has already begun work, will shortly be making progress payment requests. In this regard, we encourage Owners to pay their lump sum payment amount as soon as possible. This will greatly minimize the amounts that we will have to borrow to pay for the project.

Again, we greatly appreciate your active participation and involvement in this project, your important input regarding the manner in which we should conduct the hot tub vote and the important volunteer efforts we received that helped reduce our cost of the project.


Your Board of Trustees

New Condo Insurance Law Goes Into Effect July 1, 2011. Owners are Encouraged to Get Their Condo Insurance Up-To-Date.

Dear Fellow Owners:

This letter is to provide you with legal notice of some recent changes the Utah Legislature made to the Utah Condominium Act regarding the Association’s property insurance obligations and your own condo property insurance for your Unit.

The most important change is that Owners of Units sustaining damage to their Unit in the future will be responsible to pay the deductible of the Association's property insurance policy for each insurable incident whether or not there is any assignable negligence or fault. However, your own condo property insurance policy is now required to pay this amount. If you choose not to carry insurance, you will be required to pay this amount.

The current deductible of the Association is $10,000. The insurance policy of the Association will pay for all property damages in excess of the deductible (excluding your personal property such as furnishings and clothing).

If you choose to not carry property insurance...

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Water Supply Lines Notice

Dear Fellow Owners:

As you may have heard, recently we have experienced two serious floods caused by the failure of some of the flexible water supply tubes underneath our kitchen and lavatory sinks. In investigating these failures, we discovered that the supply lines have a life expectancy of ten years and, given our experience, are subject to failure as they age. Fortunately, we have learned that far more durable supply lines are available. They are made of corrugated flexible stainless steel that should not deteriorate over time. Your Association has installed and tested these in several Units and found them to be satisfactory. Because they are available only out-of-state, the Association has purchased an inventory of the sink and toilet supply lines so that you may conveniently procure them.

The main purpose of this letter is to inform you that your Board of Trustees strongly encourages you to replace your existing plastic or rubber lavatory and toilet water supply lines with the upgraded stainless steel lines. The stainless steel lines are available from the management office at a very reasonable cost of $8.00 each.

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Respect for Drains and the Hazards of Kitchen Disposals

Dear Owners and Residents:

This letter is a reminder of some critically important practices that residents need to follow in order to avoid costly damages to your condo and those of your neighbors. Several years ago, as a result of the negligence or misconduct on the part of one resident at American Towers, we had an incident where our sewer lines became blocked and sewage backed up, overflowed, and severely affected seven condo's resulting in damages in excess of $40,000 dollars. This all happened because someone placed something in a drain or toilet that did not belong such as a rag, diaper, clothing, napkins or paper towels. The blockage was sufficiently large that it required our plumbers to return three times with their auger cables to dislodge it and to grind it up. We still do not know what the blockage was, nor where it originated. We simply know that it was large and that it did not belong in the sewer lines.

This letter is also to inforn you of the severe consequences to you and your neighbors when there is a failure to pay attention to the simple facts of high rise condo living, from laziness to properly dispose of waste, or from mistreating or abusing your waste facilities such as drains and toilets by forcing them to accept items that should never be placed in them. Please DO NOT place in your toilets or drains any rags or clothing of any nature, diapers of any kind, whether from babies or the elderly, paper towels or paper or plastic refuse of any kind, potting soil from plants, or any other kind of refuse or garbage. The ONLY things that can be placed in toilets is human waste and toilet paper. The ONLY things for drains is waste water, soaps and detergents. Everything else should be placed in a trash container with plastic bags or linings and disposed of appropriately in the trash chute located on your floor.

Unbeknownst to many, large quantities of suds also create blockages in the main sewer lines resulting in suds that emerge and overflow from toilets in condos below. This can also be caused by using regular detergent in your dishwasher. Only "low suds" soaps and detergents are pennitted for laundry facilities and only "dishwasher safe" dishwasher detergents are permitted for dishwashers.

We recognize that most condos also have electric disposal units in their kitchen sinks. These may be convenient, but are also known as the "plumbers best friend" because they nearly always leave byproducts and residue that accumulates over time and clogs up either your own drains or the common main sewer lines. Your Board of Trustees strongly discourages residents from using these waste disposal units. Do not attempt to use these units for any kind of meat, fat, grease, gristle, butter or any meat or fish byproducts.

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Legionella Bacteria and Our "Cook & Flush" Procedures to Control It

Dear Fellow Owners and Residents:

As many of you know, American Towers has had, for many years, an infection of Legionella bacteria in our domestic hot water system. From all indications we received this from our city water supply and it is a fairly common in large scale high rise facilities. From the beginning, we have followed the recommendations of the County Health Dept. with regular testing and periodic “cook and flush” procedures in an effort to keep our bacteria under control and well below the recommended OSHA threshold. Our efforts have been successful for the past several years. Our most recent Health Dept. water tests show elevated bacteria levels well above the OSHA threshold which prompts us to conduct another “cook and flush” procedure immediately. In this procedure, we elevate our hot water temperature to 150 degrees from our normal 135 degrees. Our past procedures have been very successful in reducing the bacteria to negligible levels which have persisted until now.

This “cook and flush” procedure elevates our water temperature to levels (150º F) that kills the bacteria in a matter of minutes. Our normal temperatures of 135º F kills the bacteria after 10 to 30 minutes but the source of our recurring infection lies with the fact that there are many areas of our hot water system (dead end or unused pipes or vacant condos) which do not circulate and apparently cool to temperatures in which the bacteria thrives and multiplies thereby re-infecting the entire system over time.

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