Water Supply Lines Notice

As you may have heard, recently we have experienced two serious floods caused by the failure of some of the flexible water supply tubes underneath our kitchen and lavatory sinks. In investigating these failures, we discovered that the supply lines have a life expectancy of ten years and, given our experience, are subject to failure as they age. Fortunately, we have learned that far more durable supply lines are available. They are made of corrugated flexible stainless steel that should not deteriorate over time. Your Association has installed and tested these in several Units and found them to be satisfactory. Because they are available only out-of-state, the Association has purchased an inventory of the sink and toilet supply lines so that you may conveniently procure them.

The main purpose of this letter is to inform you that your Board of Trustees strongly encourages you to replace your existing plastic or rubber lavatory and toilet water supply lines with the upgraded stainless steel lines. The stainless steel lines are available from the management office at a very reasonable cost of $8.00 each. The installation does not require a water shut off, nor does it require a plumber. However, installation is somewhat tedious. In that regard, the management office has a number of handymen available who will perform the replacement for you at reasonable cost.

There is some additional important information we want to share with you. The first major flood which resulted in thousands of dollars in damages, was caused by the failure of water supply lines that were attached to a very high end water faucet. Unfortunately, they were a part of the faucet assembly and could not be replaced without replacing the entire faucet. If you own a similar faucet, the cost of its replacement may be considerable, but again, your Board of Trustees strongly urges you to consider replacing it with one that will accommodate the stainless steel water supply lines. The Association's own interior designer, during the Community Room kitchen remodel, selected a similar faucet with the plastic supply lines attached. When it arrived for installation and we learned of this, we informed our decorator that she needed to select another faucet that would accommodate the stainless steel water supply lines.

We also have experience with the black rubber washing machine hoses failing causing substantial damage. Our Rules require all owners to use the high pressure hoses that are available from the management office. Please check your hoses again. If they are black rubber, they must be replaced. If they are red and blue they are the acceptable high pressure hoses. Please also be aware that your dishwasher and your refrigerator may have plastic water supply lines. Copper is the preferred connection and if you have plastic and wish to replace it with copper, our handymen or your preferred plumber will be able to assist you.

Please call the management office at 801-532-6259 place your name on a list and to receive an estimate of the total cost to perform the replacement in your Unit. Please tell us if you will be doing the replacement yourself or if you will need the services of one of the handymen.

Thank you for your time to read this letter and to consider this important matter. We encourage you to use this information and take advantage of this opportunity to minimize a serious risk to your Unit and to others below you.


Mike Gravitz