August 5, 2016 - Owner Update

Dear Fellow Owners:

This letter is to invite you to the Owners Annual Meeting to be held on Saturday, August 13, 2016 at 10:00 am in the Community Room. At this time the election for the vacancy on the Board of Trustees will be completed and the winner of the election will be announced.

Many of you are aware that the Board has been actively considering and evaluating the best means of bringing high speed (1 gig) fiber optic internet to American Towers. The end of this letter contains a very brief survey on this subject. Please fill this out and return in to security or to the management office. Additional information will be presented and discussed at the Annual Meeting.

We have recently completed a software upgrade to our telephone door access system (Entraguard). This system allows you give your guests access to American Towers when they call your phone on this system. The software upgrade required us to re-build our name and phone number database from scratch with possibly outdated information. Please use the system as a guest would so that you can verify that it is calling your phone correctly. If anything is amiss, please contact the management office so that we can make the corrections.

We recently unveiled the new artwork in the South Lobby, Nature's Onyx Art. The reception and your feedback has been very positive and we wish to thank the Committee for their great work and this beautiful art piece. We also wish to thank the Rooftop Furniture Committee for the additional tables, lounges and chairs purchased for the two rooftops. The grills and hot tubs are all fully operational and we hope you take some time to further enjoy this wonderful amenity.

The redecorating project is now complete and you should have received the financial audit of the project. If not, please obtain a copy now posted on our website The Annual 2015-16 Fiscal Year Audit is presently underway and will be completed later this month. You will be notified when it too will be posted on the website.

The Board recently approved the renewal of our Property and Casualty insurance policy where the lowest bid came in within the budget parameters approved earlier this year.

Thank you again for your patience and support during these various projects and upgrades. We look forward to more progress as we settle upon the best method to bring you fiber optic internet.


Board of Trustees



All Owners:

Kindly complete this survey and turn it into the office or security by Thursday, August 11, or bring it to the annual meeting August 13, at 10:00 a.m.

1. Do you already have or are you interested in having high speed internet? Yes No

2. Would you be interested in 1,000 megabit (1 gig) per second internet service? Yes No

3. If a discounted rate became available through a bulk purchase by our Owners Association would
you be interested in adding this cost to the monthly condo fee for all Units? Yes No

______________________________________________ ___________
Owner Signature Unit Number