Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meeting

Thursday, March 26, 2009

5:00 P.M.

Norman Salisbury called the meeting, convened in the Community Room, to order at 5:00 p.m.

Residential Trustees present and participating: Norman Salsibury, John Patton, Mike Gravitz.

Commercial Trustees present and participating: Donna Boes, Jonathan Dunn and Steve Orullian.

Steve Campbell was excused.

Approval of Previous Minutes

The Minutes of the February 25, 2009 Board of Trustees Meeting, upon motion duly made and seconded was unanimously approved.

Finance Committee

The Financial Statements from February 28, 2009 were reviewed by the Manager. The Association reported an unaudited operating surplus of $18,048 Year-to-Date as of February 28, 2009. The Common Reserve Fund has an unaudited balance of $362,732 and the Residential Reserve Fund has an unaudited balance of $445,835 as of February 28, 2009. The Board also reviewed the delinquency report.

The Finance Committee continues work on the 2009-2010 operating budget. The committee continues it's work in providing funds from the reserves for some interior decorating items that need replacement. The committee reviewed the delinquenciy report and developments with the GMAC bond in the Residential Reserve Fund.

Building Improvement Committee

The fire doors that we had contracted for repairs have been completed. The remaining items are a few of the electrical "hold open" devices that release and close the doors when there is an alarm. Our service agent is seeking replacement parts to fix the three or four hold opens that are not working.

One AC Unit on the 16th floor of the south tower has finally been fixed without incurring the major expense of draining the towers and replacing valves. The problem appears to have been buildup of residue in the coils.

We had a recent electrical fire in the Deli that went out by itself. The alarm has brought to our attention some deficiencies in our response. Some additional training with the guards has already taken place with additional training being planned. The training will include alarms and announcements on the speaker system. When this takes place the speakers will clearly state that the alarms are for testing and training. Please be informed that these future announcements and alarms are for a good purpose.

The website has been revised and brought in-house and is hosted on a little web server in the management office. We are in the process of terminating our outside hosting service which will result in some savings to the Associaton.

Core Drilling Protocol

In response to the commercial owner's request to perform core drilling through the structural slab, a protocol and procedures which must be followed prior to the Association approving any such request. The protocal is made a part of these minutes by reference. The protocal requires insurance, permits, specifies the ground radar method of locating the core holes to be drilled and procedures to be followed in the event of damage from the process. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved the core drilling protocol and approved the core drilling to be performed by commercial as soon as all of the conditions of the protocal have been met by commercial.

Trustee Election Questionaire

It was proposed that prior to Trustee elections, owners and residents be invited to submit questions to be presented to the candidates for a response in writing which would then be made available to owners with their ballots. The purpose is to help inform residents of positions and agendas of the candidates, which are usually unknown, to assist owners in their voting. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the motion unanimously passed.

Next Meeting Schedule

The next meeting is scheduled for April 30, 2009.


The meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Campbell