Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meeting

Thursday, November 21, 2002

5:00 P.M.

Norman Salisbury called the meeting, convened in the community room, to order at 5:00 p.m.

Residential Trustees present and participating: Norman Salisbury, Irene Link, Sandra Lee Sterns and John Patton

Commercial Trustees present and participating: Larry Shelton, Deborah Pariseau and Donna Boes

Management present and participating: Joe Toronto

Election of Officers

Upon motion duly made and seconded, John Patton was elected as the Association Treasurer and Sandra Lee Sterns as the Association Secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes: October 23, 2002

The Minutes of the October 23, 2002 Board of Trustees Meetings, upon motion duly made and seconded, were unanimously approved.

Financial Statements: October 31, 2002

The Financial Statements for October 31, 2002 were reviewed by the Manager. The Association reported an unaudited income of $17,140 Year-to-Date as of October 31,2002. The Common Reserve Fund has an unaudited balance of $99,122 and the Residential Reserve Fund has an unaudited balance of $269,671. The Board also reviewed the Delinquency Report and the Managers explanation report of each delinquency.

Building and Improvement Committee

The Board reviewed a memo from our consulting engineer, John Frank, summarizing his progress to date on the air conditioning system. He will be doing further testing on our existing piping and structures in order to complete his engineering. The Board suggested a joint meeting with the Building Committee, the Finance Committee and the Board to review the engineering and proposals as soon as they are completed.

Mike Gravitz reported that there are concerns about owners or residents performing electrical work without licensed electricians and without obtaining permits. In our construction it is vital that all wiring be performed to code. Otherwise significant hazards could exist and our insurance could be affected.

Our elevator service contractor is in touch with the committee attempting to coordinate and improve the upkeep of minor details such as the many lights that frequently burn out. Residents are encouraged to advise the office of specific malfunctions and burned out lights in order to facilitate prompt action.

Mike Gravitz also reported that the result of the window caulking testing is still successful even after several additional storms. A preliminary proposal has now been obtained from the contractor who performed the test work to caulk all of the windows in both Towers. That proposal was $12,150 per building not including materials. Further information will be forthcoming before the Board determines if when and how to proceed with this.


American Parking Plaza

The Manager reported that in the future, the minutes of the monthly Board meetings of American Parking Plaza will be included for review of American Towers Board of Trustees. There are some projects on the horizon where progress needs to be monitored by American Towers.

Mayor Rocky Anderson

In an effort to become more informed of issues of interest and concern here, Mayor Rocky Anderson has agreed to meet with residents of American Towers on December 18, at 5:30 p.m. in our Community Room. Of interest to the Mayor are ideas and input on how to enhance and promote downtown residential living and how to revitalize the downtown area. Residents are encouraged to submit suggestions and concerns to the management office in advance of the meeting so that the parties involved can be prepared for a productive and informative discussion.

First Night

The Downtown Alliance has requested permission to use our plaza by the Olive Garden for First Night activities on December 31. They plan to have several live bands playing at that location between 7:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. In discussions with the Downtown Alliance, John Patton negotiated half price admission for all First Night activities for American Towers Residents. More information will be forthcoming. The Board gave its approval for American Parking Plaza to authorize use of the plaza for this years First Night Activities.

Ping Pong Table

Ab Ahmad submitted a written proposal to the Association on behalf of a group of residents requesting purchase a portable ping pong table to be used on occasion in one of the racquetball courts and removed and stored under the stairs leading to the racquetball courts. The cost was estimated to be approximately $400. The Board declined to purchase paddles and balls at this time. Residents interested in playing would need to bring their own equipment. The table would be available to any residents wishing to play simply by requesting such from security. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board authorized the purchase of the ping pong table.


The meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Lee Sterns